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Built - and maintained - by people passionate about music, Carrozza Custom Guitars is the embodiment of a dream!

A dream of the owner and creator of the project, Alexandre Carrozza, to bring to the national and international guitar market the highest quality level achieved by a Brazilian instrument.

The factory is located in the city of Jaú, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and has already had a history of more than 10 years of success.

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It all started in 1988, I was already playing and practicing the instrument a lot, when one day the car  in which I was took an impact, causing  the arm of my “Les Paul Gianinni” to separate

of the body.

My father managed to glue the neck of the guitar that I suffered so much to buy, but a short time later everything broke again making me look for it.

the legendary luthier “Tiguez”, who inspired me with

the fascinating work he did, awakening in me the desire to also be a luthier. I Tried to do

the same on other guitars I had but the lack of experience didn't help me much, which made me go back to the luthier I admired. This time I paid even more attention to his work, which worked, because in 1992 I managed to do my first paid job. In the following years, I focused my efforts on a dance band that I played on weekends, and after that I went to meet and live in Paris, and stayed until 1995. On my way back, in 1997, I met

the great “Wander Taffo” and on his recommendation I enrolled at IGT in São Paulo, where I had classes with “Marcio Okayama” and “Wanderson Bersani”. I knew

Taffo's guitars, a "Rand" and brands like
“Fender” and “Gibson” that made me see that there were guitars with even better performances than the ones I knew until then.

In the year 2000, with my own studio, I developed my first guitar, thus starting my
road in the making of instruments. This all started when a guitar I was
repairing it broke in half, making me seek the help of “Roberto Santana”, which was what I did
whenever a repair was more difficult to make. Roberto was the one who kicked off my life as
instrument builder, as he encouraged me

to make the repairs myself that, until then, I had passed on to him. With the help of four more friends I bought the first machine for making instruments, with time I managed to improve my work to the point of being able to complete my own guitar and then I started my factory.

Starting in 2010, in a period of five years, a succession of events: the factory began to take shape, two new CNC's entered the manufacturing process and my first export finally took place. At the end of that period I moved the factory again, exchanging two old machines for new ones. With that our productivity increased and we started our first order of “Wood Guitars”.

From now on, a sequence of ups and downs: in 2014, we suffered from a flood that almost reduced the factory to nothing, but we managed to get back on our feet and in 2015 we went to California (USA) to exhibit our products at the “Namm Show-Winter” , which created new business opportunities. But not long after, in 2015, a second flood took us by surprise, and this time, it really left us no choice but to start from scratch.

After this restart, in 2016, now delivering an even better level, we returned to the United States to participate again in “Naam”, and, our trajectory added to the quality of our products, drew attention and again we returned oxygenated to the sequence of history. .
After this injection of spirit, with the intention of strengthening ties with our audience, we created the “Vila do Som” where we make tools for luthiers, body kits and arms. After that, in 2018 and 2019 we participated in the Music Show and currently live one of the best moments in the history of Carrozza Custom Guitars.

by Alexandre Carrozza

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